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Rural Outreach through Amrit Interns - Amrit Internship Programme

Agriculture is an important sector of the Indian economy employing the largest share of workforce and providing food and nutrition security to the nation. Agriculture sector in India has shown good growth during the pandemic which signifies its resilient nature. India faces the challenges of both increasing farm productivity & sustainability and adaptability to climate change. In wake of emerging challenges, we need to focus on sustainability through the food system and build long term resilience in the agri value chain resulting in improving farmers income.

IPL and NPC have jointly established IPL Centre for Rural Outreach (ICRO) with the involvement and technical expertise of NPC as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and have launched the ICRO Amrit Internship Programme. The Amrit Internship Programme is a unique internship programme for the youth in the rural areas. The Amrit e – learning modules have been specially designed to give an overview of the agriculture scenario in the country with a focus on agriculture productivity and sustainability. The modules include useful and practical information of cropping practices, innovation technologies, schemes of Government of India and the State Government etc. The modules which are simple and accessible would be a value addition to the existing body of knowledge of the intern.

Each intern is expected to reach out to 100 farmers during the period of internship. Through these three months of internship programme, the interns will be exposed to learning experiences and new skills making them more employable and also promote entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities. The contribution of interns during the period will be valuable and give us firsthand insights to field level practical issues and also the overall local agro-climatic scenario.

Amrit Internship

ICRO Amrit Internship Programme

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